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Research Basics

Click here for a step–by-step guide to researching and writing a paper, starting with picking a topic to the final revision. Lots of links to many helpful sites.

Click here for a website courtesy of the Cambridge Rindge & Latin School in Massachusetts which outlines the basic steps in the research process, from selecting a topic to evaluating your work.

Click here for detailed instructions on citing electronic and non-electronic sources from the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

For just about everything else for homework and school help, click on any of the sites below:

Fact Monster

Quiz Hub

ipl2 for Teens

School Work

Homework Spot

High School Ace


The Arts

Click here to search for works by artist, title, or subject in the National Gallery of Art’s collection. You can also take an online tour or visit the National Gallery of Art classroom for teachers and students.

Click here for a site that has links to art history sites from pre-history to post-modernism and covers all regions of the world.

Click here for a  site that has ALL of Shakespeare’s plays plus links to additional helpful Shakespearean sites.


Chemistry Help

Click here for a periodic chart with links to basic information on each element (name, symbol, atomic number, atomic weight, etc.) The site also has short films showing various chemical reactions.

Click here for a site not as flashy as WebElements, but still loaded with lots of useful information.

Click here for the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) which is an excellent site for studying chemistry. Click on “Student Zone“ where you can find games and puzzles designed to test your knowledge of the elements.


Geography/Country Information

Click here for the CIA’s World Factbook which provides handy country overviews.

Click  here for more information on countries.


Government and Law

Click here for the U.S. Supreme Court website with links to other federal and legal sites.



Click here  for the Smithsonian American History Museum Site which is loaded with historical information about everything in their collection. Enhance your next history paper with powerful images and accurate information.

Click here for an award-winning website that includes articles, essays, timelines and links on American History, Nazi Germany,the Holocaust, and World History.



Bored with math? Confused by math? Hate math? Coolmath can fix that! This site has everything math-related, from problems to games. Covers the easy stuff (like addition) to the really complicated stuff (like fractals, calculus and trigonometry).

Additional math help can be found at Math.com  and Free Math Help.


Science of all kinds

Click here to explore this fascinating museum website for information on the sciences, human perception, and the arts.

Click here to browse links and resources covering the sciences as well as computers and technology.

Click here to learn the science behind topical news and browse scientific images and articles.


Words and more

Click here for a free online English dictionary and much more. The site has links to specialized dictionaries, rhyming dictionaries, dictionaries for over 280 languages, as well as links to sites that give guidelines and tips on grammar, usage and writing.