Historical Research at the Library


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Historical Research: Where to Start?

Tips …

There are many ways to find information on different historical periods, but the two best ways are:

  1. Visit your library – ask a librarian for help (we are happy to!)
  2. Online – visit your library’s catalog

When you are researching historical fiction, and you want to undercover some facts about the historical period you are reading about, what you need to find are non-fiction books.

Non-fiction books have facts, and are true accounts of what happened in history. All non-fiction books in the library use the Dewey Decimal System and have a number on the book spine. This number is called the book’s call number – this number gives you the location of the book in the library.

Some great non-fiction books that can help you research historical fiction are:

  • Explorers series
  • World Book
  • Colonial Life
  • The scoop on clothes, homes, and daily life in colonial America
  • Fact Finders: Disgusting History
  • Graphic Battles of World War II
  • Graphic Battles of the Civil War
  • Graphic Library : Disasters in History

You can find whether these books are available by searching the library’s catalog: http://catalog.mainlib.org/

Remember to check the book’s availability to see if the Madison Library owns a copy, and if the book is in (if someone is using the book it will say ‘out’ and the date it is due back in the library).

If the Madison Library does not own the book, you can request the book from another library – for free! Just place a request through the library catalog – or call us at the library at 973-377-0722 ext 216 and we will be happy to help you!

Good luck with your research!

… and if you want to read more great Historical Fiction don’t forget to check out these books:

Great Historical Fiction series:

  • Dear America
  • Dear America: I am America
  • The Royal Diaries