Library Policies

Library Policies

The Board of Trustees of the Free Public Library of the Borough of Madison has adopted the following policies governing the use of the Library in order to facilitate the unhampered and equal access of patrons to the Library’s collections and services. Through these policies, the Library commits itself to intellectual freedom and to freedom of access.

The Library is supported by the Borough of Madison through residential and commercial real estate taxes as well as support in kind. Substantial monetary support is provided by gifts and contributions of citizens and users of the Library, the Friends of the Library, and the Endowment. Volunteers also provide many hours of service support to the Library. The expectation of these supporters is that the Library will be a readily accessible, comfortable and safe place for the use and enjoyment of the public.

Comments and suggestions regarding any of the existing policies and their enforcement, or ideas for additional policies should be addressed to the Director of the Library, preferably in writing. The Trustees, who are appointed by the Mayor of the Borough with the approval of the Borough Council, are ultimately responsible for the consideration of these comments and suggestions.

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